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Tenant’s Packages

Whether you are renting an apartment or a house, our tenant packages include all our standard enhancements at competitive rates. This is to protect your personal property on-premises, additional living expenses, comprehensive personal liability, medical payments and voluntary property damages.

Condominium Packages

Condominium Insurance Policies are designed to cover your personal belongings and to protect gaps that may exists in strata corporation insurance policies.   Our condominium packages are competitive and tailored according to your needs. Condo Industry is evolving fast, we can help you understand the gaps  in your insurance policies and provide you with solutions.

Detached Homes

Home Insurance protects you, the people you love, and the things that matter the most.  Home Insurance packages  from us will get customized coverage that  will protect you and give you peace of mind.  We offer wide variety in coverage to choose from, to protect you from perils like fire, theft, overland water, earthquake, earthquake deductible buy back, equipment breakdown etc.

Mid Valley Insurance Agencies Ltd. Home Insurance

Homeowner Insurance, Home Insurance in Abbotsford, British Columbia

We realize that your home and personal possessions are often your most cherished assets.

Whether you’re looking to protect your residence, rental unit or seasonal getaway, we offer a wide range of plans that will help to deliver peace-of-mind to whatever properties you call home.

When you make an appointment with a member of our residential insurance team, we’ll work with you to determine which plan is right for you. Personalized recommendations based on your individual risk and discounts based on the age of the applicant, age of the dwelling, security protection and chosen coverage are just a few of the ways that Mid Valley Insurance Agencies Ltd. helps residential clients get the best plan suited to their specific needs.

Home Insurance Types

Coverage For Any Type of Living 

What type of home do you have? We can help you to protect:

* Detached Homes
* Tenant’s Packages
* Condominium Packages
* Multi-Family Homes
* Homes Under Construction
* Seasonal Homes and Cottages
* Rental Homes
* Log Homes
* Mobile & Manufactured Homes
* Hard to Place (Aluminium Wiring, Grow Ops etc.)
* High Value Homes
* Vacant Homes

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