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Prorate plates are licence plates issued for commercial vehicles that regularly travel into two or more jurisdictions in Canada or the U.S. The plates exempt carriers from having to buy trip permits when they enter a jurisdiction. Prorate fleets are five or more motor vehicles that are registered or leased to legal entity, and that will be used primarily for business or commercial purposes. Mid Valley Insurance Agencies Ltd. is one of the top producers of ICBC that provides prorate and fleet insurances.


Cargo insurance provides coverage against physical damage or loss of goods during shipping, whether by land, sea or air. Because of the many dangers inherent in shipping, most individuals and businesses choose to insure their goods while they are in transit. Cargo liability insurance is an insurance policy that protects a carrier in the business of transporting goods, as evidenced by a contract of carriage, against liability for loss or damage to the goods of their customers.


In-bond shipments are freight that is not released at the border. The freight is instead moved inland by a bonded carrier to obtain release by CBSA or to simply move through Canada to another country of import. In-bond shipments can only be carried by carriers who have a bond. We provide both Canadian and US bonds.

Mid Valley Insurance Agencies Ltd. Cargo Insurance

Transportation Insurance, Cargo / Prorate Insurance in Abbotsford, British Columbia

Since 2001, we have been the top choice of truckers in British Columbia for cargo coverage.

Mid Valley Insurance Agencies Ltd. has placement capabilities in the following key areas:

Prorate Licensing
Motor Truck, Aviation, Marine & Rail Cargo
Commercial General Liability policies upto $10,000,000
Physical Damage
Canadian / USA Bonding

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